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Jolanta Ivanauskienė

Jolanta Ivanauskienė was appointed a Member of Konkurencijos taryba for the tenure of six years starting on 3 September 2013. Prior to this promotion, Mrs Ivanauskienė was a Chief Expert in the Law and Competition Policy Division. Since 2010 she was the Head of the Anti-competitive Agreements Investigation Division.

Having graduated with a Master of Laws degree from Vilnius University, the Faculty of Law, in 2005, Mrs Ivanauskienė continued her studies at the International Business School at Vilnius University and graduated with a Master of Management and Business Administration degree in 2008.

Before starting her career in Konkurencijos taryba, Mrs Ivanauskienė worked as a legal counsellor at the law firm Šarka, Sabaliauskas, Jankauskas in 2002–2006.

Mrs Ivanauskienė has been part of some international projects, she is also frequently invited as a guest speaker to competition advocacy events. Fluent in English, German and Russian.

Last updated: 11 11 2019