Market studies

The Competition Council has conducted market studies into a great variety of sectors in order to find out whether effective competition is ensured in a particular market. Having conducted a market study, the Competition Council submits its preliminary market study report and proposals to certain institutions on the ways which could ensure better competition and benefits to consumers.

Stages of a market study:

  1. start of a market study: firstly, KT collects information necessary for a particular market study, then sends requests to market participants and public administrative bodies, and finally analyzes and assesses information provided to it. The duration of a market study depends on the complexity and size of a market. The average duration of market studies conducted by the Competition Council is one year;
  2. completion of a market study: having conducted a market study, KT submits its preliminary market study report and proposals for public consultation;
  3. final conclusions of a market study: KT analyzes the opinions collected during the public consultation, draws its final conclusions and submits proposals.

-raw milk and dairy products (2015);

-household waste management (2015);

-retail trade;


-pharmaceuticals (study on parallel import of pharmaceuticals (2013); reimbursable pharmaceuticals (2016)).

Last updated: 07 06 2016