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EuropeAid project in Georgia

In 2016 the consortium of Lithuania, Estonia and Belgium was selected to implement the project "EuropeAid/137882/DH/SER/GE" on building the capacities of the Georgian Competition Agency regarding the implementation of competition law and policy. The project was officially implemented on 13 January 2020.

Facts and numbers:

  • Partners: Business and Strategies Europe S.A. (Belgija) and consortium members IBF (Belgium), DADA6 (Estonia), Competition Council of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • Beneficiary: Georgian Competition Agency;
  • Project start date: 29.12.2016;
  • Project end date: 13.01.2020;
  • Budget: EUR 2,529,800;
  • Competition Council's representatives in the project: Chairman Š. Keserauskas, Deputy Chairman E. Šatas, Deputy Chairwoman J. Šovienė, Council Member J. Ivanauskienė, Council Member D. Lurje, Executive Director A. Selčinskienė, Head of Public Entities Supervision Group J. Paulauskaitė, Head of Dominant Undertakings and Mergers Supervision Group J. Brėskytė and Senior Adviser I. Jakubavičienė, Head of Communications Division L. Navickaitė, Senior Adviser of Economic Analysis Group Š. Pajarskas.

Press release on the implementation of the project.

Last updated: 14 11 2022