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What is a cartel?

In a broad sense, a cartel is an agreement between companies operating in a single market, which agree to act together and restrict competition instead of competing. Anti-competitive agreements include, for example, price-fixing or market-sharing cartels which do not create other companies competitive pressure for launching new products, improving their quality and decreasing prices, which leads to higher prices for consumers.

Why is it important to report suspicious information?

Cartel agreements are generally concluded in secret, and evidence is often fragmented and scattered. Therefore, insights and information on alleged anti-competitive agreements available to individuals and market participants are important for the detection of such agreements and for holding the infringers liable.

How to report a cartel?

If you have information about an alleged cartel, report us by e-mail or by phone +370 601 62375; +370 5 212 6641. When submitting a notification by e-mail, please describe, as precisely as possible, the nature of an infringement, circumstances related to an infringement, information about suspected undertakings and attach related documents, if you have any.

Is it possible to provide information anonymously?

You can apply to us anonymously, without providing your contact details. However, your contact details would be useful for us to know in order to contact you in case there were additional questions or uncertainties when analysing information provided. Therefore, we would be grateful if you could provide your contact details to us.

How will the authority use information which has been provided?

Notifications on alleged cartels significantly contribute to the work of the Competition Council. Information which you are going to provide, depending on its nature, will be used by the competition authority either as evidence of a suspected restriction of competition or as insights about the conduct of companies, allowing the authority's experts to better understand and draw attention to the situation on the markets. Taking into account information provided by individuals and other information available to the Competition Council (including information which may become known in the future), the authority may launch investigations on its own initiative.

The identity of applicants, at their request, will not be disclosed to any third parties, including undertakings suspected of an infringement of the Law on Competition. Information submitted to the Competition Council, including the identity of informants, will only be known to specific experts of the authority. As envisaged by the Law on Competition, individuals may expect a remuneration ranging from EUR 1,000 to EUR 100,000 if they provide evidence enabling the authority to find an infringement (for more information please see here). If your information will help us to identify the infringement, we will be willing to contact you and consider the issue regarding the payment of remuneration, so please make sure that your contact details are provided.

What if I am a cartel participant myself?

Having reported participation in a cartel, a cartel participant can be fully exempted from a fine, while the manager of a company – from personal liability (more information about the exemption from fines can be found here). Since we would contact you directly to discuss the application of the aforementioned procedure, in order to take advantage of the possibility to be exempted from a fine, you must provide your contact details.

What are other ways to report a cartel?

You can also submit information:

  • at the address: Jogailos g. 14, Vilnius LT-01116;
  • by e-mail:;
  • by phone: +370 5 212 7608.

More information on cartels and other anti-competitive agreements can be found under the section Anti-competitive agreements.

How can I report other infringements of the Law on Competition or the Law on the Prohibition of Unfair Practices of Retailers?

You can also submit information:

  • at the address: Jogailos g. 14, Vilnius LT-01116;
  • by e-mail:;
  • by phone: +370 5 212 7608.
Last updated: 30 01 2023