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The Competition Council of the Republic of Lithuania (Konkurencijos taryba) consists of its Chairperson and four Council Members. The Chairperson and Members of Konkurencijos taryba are appointed by the President of the Republic of Lithuania upon the proposal of the Prime Minister. The Chairperson and Council Members can serve no more than two consecutive six year terms.

Lithuanian citizens of good repute and holding a university degree in the fields of either economics or law are eligible to occupy the positions of the Chairperson and Council Members.

1    Duties of the Chairperson:

1.1 heads the work of Konkurencijos taryba;

1.2 represents the authority in the Republic of Lithuania and abroad;

1.3. employs and dismisses the administrative staff;

1.4 submits annual reports on the activities of Konkurencijos taryba to the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania (Seimas) and the Government of the Republic of Lithuania;

1.5 signs the decisions of Konkurencijos taryba;

1.6 issues orders while dealing with the issues falling within the competence of the Chairperson;

1.7 performs other functions assigned by Konkurencijos taryba and set by the laws.

2      The Chairperson appoints two Council Members as Deputy Chairmen. In the absence of the Chairperson, one of the Deputy Chairmen is designated to exercise the functions of the Chairperson.

At present, Konkurencijos taryba is composed of the Chairwoman Jolanta Ivanauskienė and Council Members: Medeina Augustinavičienė (Deputy Chairwoman), Irma Urmonaitė (Deputy Chairwoman), Žilvinas Klimka and Karina Kučaidze-Wencel.