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Arūnas Keraminas

Arūnas Keraminas started working as the Executive Director of Konkurencijos taryba on 3 September 2018. Prior to starting his career in the authority, Mr Keraminas worked in the National Audit Office of Lithuania and held the position of the Deputy Auditor General.

In 1999–2010 Mr Keraminas was heading the Innovation and Technology Division of the Industry and Business Department, as well as the EU Assistance Coordination Department at the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania; he also worked as an Undersecretary and Chief Adviser within the Ministry. In 2003–2010 he was a Board Member at the company Investment and Business Guarantees (INVEGA), and Chairman of the Board at the public institution Lithuanian Innovation Center.

Mr Keraminas graduated with a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering and a Master of Management from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.

Last updated: 18 10 2021