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30 06 2015

On the occasion of the first hundred days the Competition Council congratulated the newly-elected mayors and sent them brief impact assessment questionnaires. These questionnaires should help municipalities to promptly assess an impact which municipal decisions are likely to have on competition.

The questionnaire is part of the Guidelines for Assessing Impact of Draft Decisions to Competition. The aim of the Guidelines is to explain how not to distort competition and ensure equal treatment of all market participants in various economic fields when drafting legal acts.

„Speaking in basketball terms, with a score 24:20 public sector “wins” against business by a number of competition infringements. Within the last five years the Council passed 24 resolutions regarding the decisions adopted by public administration bodies and 20 resolutions related to the actions of private undertakings. Competition advocacy is one of the Council‘s priorities, therefore, we believe that the questionnaires will help to make right decisions for the benefit of consumers“– says Šarūnas Keserauskas, the Chairman of the Competition Council.

Last updated: 21 06 2016