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10 02 2005

1. At its meeting the Competition Council examined the notification filed by AB „Empower“ regarding concentration through the acquisition of up to 100 % of shares of AB „Elektros tinklų statyba“ and authorised the concentration in accordance with the submitted notification. The notified concentration was assessed as horizontal in the Lithuanian market for the services of construction, installation and design of energy facilities. It was concluded, however, that the degree of concentration will be changed to a very insignificant degree which will not cause the creation or strengthening of a dominant position or a significant impact on the competitive situation.

AB „Empower“ has been awarded the State tender for privatisation of AB „Elektros tinklų statyba“ and intends, upon obtaining of the authorisation of the Competition Council, to conclude the share purchase-sale agreement with the State Property Fund and thus to acquire 85,72 % of the shares of the company.

2. Upon the examination of the notification of 17-11-2004 lodged by UAB „VP Market“ and explanations provided by companies upon request of the Competition Council, a decision was passed to initiate the investigation concerning the compliance of actions by UAB „Senukų prekybos centras“ with the requirements of the Law on Competition. The purpose of the investigation will be to determine whether the actions of UAB „Senukų prekybos centras“ while cooperating with the suppliers of Lithuania and other States constitute an infringement of the requirements of the Law on Competition.

Competition Council Spokesperson