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24 01 2008

Having in its regular meeting examined the applications filed by undertakings to execute concentration deals the Competition Council passed the appropriate decisions in accordance with the notifications.

Having determined that the intended concentration will not result in the creation or the strengthening of a dominant position or any significant impediment of competition in the relevant market of the manufacturing/sale of windows and doors, including the manufacturing/sale of plastic windows and doors, UAB SKP stiklas was authorised to implement the concentration deal by acquiring 100 percent of the shares of UAB Lanreta in accordance with the submitted notification. SKP stiklas is engaged in the manufacturing and the production of glass and glass articles and products, and the main activities of Lanreta include the manufacturing and the installation of plastic and aluminium windows, doors, winter gardens and other constructions. The undertakings intend, following the concentration to continue performing its activity.

The decision was passed to authorise the Polish company Opoczno S.A. to perform the concentration deal by acquiring up to 79 percent of shares of AB Dvarčionių keramika in accordance with the submitted notification. Opoczno S.A., engaged in the production and the sale of ceramic and stone mass tiles operate several subsidiaries in several foreign countries – Russia, Ukraine as well as in Lithuania, namely AB Dvarčionių keramika. In its notification on concentration the Polish company indicated its intentions to strengthen control over AB Dvarčionių keramika it currently holds in order to acquire the decisive influence for the strategic decisions of the company. Another reason for the concentration for which the authorising was requested is the decision of Mr. Raišelis, the long-term General Manager and the shareholder of the company to withdraw from the business.

Following the concentration the undertakings concerned intend to expand the range of products of Dvarčionių keramika and optimise the operations of the company. On the other hand efforts shall be made to secure the autonomy of Dvarčionių keramika in order to maintain the well-known trade mark and the good repute in the relevant market of the ceramic and stone mass tiles.

Competition Council Spokesperson