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09 03 2006

1. The meeting of the Competition Council examined the notification filed by the pharmacy UAB Gintarinė grupė on the concentration by acquiring 100 % of the shares of UAB Saurimeda and passed a decision to authorise the implementation of the said concentration. It was concluded that the intended concentration will not result in a creation of a dominant position or a significant lessening of competition in the relevant markets, since the shares of the market for the retail trade in medicines and goods of medical purpose will change very insignificantly.

As indicated in the notification on concentration submitted to the Competition Council the pharmacy UAB Gintarinė grupė seeks to acquire UAB Saurimeda for investment purposes: UAB Saurimeda operates an appropriate market segment and the infrastructure that are instrumental for the pharmacy UAB Gintarinė grupė seeking to expand its activities in the retail market for pharmaceuticals.

2. A decision was passed to authorise Algirdas Pažemeckas to implement concentration by acquiring up to 100% shareholding of AB Žemaitijos pienas in accordance with the submitted notification. It has been established that due to the intended transaction the degree of concentration in the relevant markets will not change therefore the dominant position will not be created or strengthened, neither it will result in any material lessening of competition in the market concerned.

Competition Council Spokesperson
Last updated: 21 06 2016