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During the school year the Council‘s experts will be visiting a number of schools in Vilnius to teach senior pupils the principles of effective competition, its benefits for consumers, as well as help them recognise anti-competitive agreements and misleading advertising, as part of the competition advocacy project “Competition Council goes to school“.

On August 29 the Council‘s representatives and the Chairman Šarūnas Keserauskas met with Vilnius City Municipality and teachers of schools in Vilnius to present the project “Competition Council goes to school, during which the Council‘s employees will be giving lessons on competition.

It is the Council‘s investment in the future. Pupils are  future businessmen who will be competing for the market share and consumers, they are future politicians who will be adopting laws. Finally, they are all consumers who enjoy the benefits of effective competition.

Šarūnas Keserauskas, Competition Council‘s Chairman

Š. Keserauskas noted that encouraging the society‘s interest in competition and its benefits, as well as promoting intolerance towards competition law breaches is vital, therefore, a significant amount of attention should be given to competition advocacy already in school.

Last updated: 19 09 2017