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02 02 2006

The meeting of the Competition Council examined the application filed on 12 January 2006 by UAB Šviesa to implement concentration by acquiring part of the assets of UAB J. Masiulio knygynas and the right to use the premises of the company. The decision was passed by the competition authority to authorise the concentration transaction intended by UAB Šviesa in accordance with the submitted notification. The decision was passed having concluded that the concentration will neither create nor strengthen the dominant position or cause any restrictions of competition in the relevant markets for book publishing, wholesale and retail trade in books.

As indicated in the submitted notification following the concentration transaction UAB Šviesa would acquire the right to use, for is businesses purposes, the premises of three book stores in Panevėžys, one book store in Kaunas and one book store in Vilnius currently owned by UAB J. Masiulio knygynas. UAB Šviesa intends to acquire from UAB J. Masiulio knygynas all the trading and organisational equipment and facilities as well as hardware and other assets necessary for the development of trade in books and also intends to lease the premises of the book stores adopted for retail book trading. According to the participants of the concentration the purpose of the transaction is to expand the network of bookstores geographically convenient for consumers.

Competition Council Spokesperson
Last updated: 21 06 2016