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The Competition Council found that UAB Judira disseminated misleading advertising claims about the mat, head massage system and orthopedic pillow. For the infringement of the Law on Advertising the Council fined Judira EUR 1,230.

During the investigation the Council’s experts found that from November 2016 to April 2017 in the website the company disseminated the advertisements of the mat US MEDICA Nephrite Therapy, head massage system YAMAGUCHI Galaxy Axiom and orthopedic pillow US MEDICA US-S which contained misleading statements about the effect of the products on consumers’ health. It was stated in public that the products help to improve the blood circulation and metabolism, relieve fatigue, calm the nervous system, improve sleep quality and relieve pain, stress or snoring.

The Council asked Judira to submit the documents proving the positive effect of the products on consumers’ health as stated in the advertisements. Although the company did not have the necessary proof at first, the statement from the clinic of traditional medicine in Moscow, as well as references to the articles and descriptions of the products advertised on the websites were later provided to the Council.

Due to the fact that Judira did not submit any objective documents (scientific research, studies, etc.) from competent institutions proving that the mat, orthopedic pillow and head massage system have the positive effects on health, the company was fined for misleading advertising.

Last updated: 01 12 2017