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A weekly news magazine Veidas honoured the best state institutions and civil servants, including the Lithuanian Competition Council.

Each year Lithuanian ministers, vice-ministers, chancellors of ministries, mayors, administrative executives of municipalities, heads of state institutions and business associations vote for the best state institutions and civil servants.

In 2015 the Council adopted 17 decisions on competition, retail trade and advertising infringements, completed 2 market studies. Last year the authority disclosed a cartel among three major cinema operators, a long-term exclusive purchasing agreement in the energy sector, and identified major problems in the waste management sector. Almost 90 % of Competition Council‘s decisions were upheld by courts

In 2016 the World Bank Group and the International Competition Network announced the Lithuanian Competition Council among the winners of the 2015-2016 Competition Advocacy Contest, while in 2015 antitrust and competition law journal and news service Global Competition Review awarded the Competition Council three stars out of five.