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12 04 2018

The Lithuanian Competition Council‘s advocacy efforts received international recognition in the Antitrust Writing Awards. The Guidelines (1.3 MB ) on Anti-Competitive Agreements and Bid Rigging in Public Procurement prepared by the Council‘s experts have been voted as one of the five Most Innovative 2017 Soft Laws in the world.

After the award ceremony in Washington DC the Competition Council‘s Chairman Šarūnas Keserauskas said that in recent years the Council has taken really large steps to ensure the creation of competition culture and promote intolerance towards competition law breaches through competition advocacy. In 2016–2018 the Council has been involved in a competition roadshow in 10 municipalities of Lithuania to discuss a great variety of competition law issues with representatives from the public and private sector.

We initiated a series of seminars on competition in different regions of Lithuania to remind business representatives and public institutions that competition encourages business to work effectively and offer higher-quality products and services at a lower price, which leads to innovation and change. One of the topics discussed during the seminars included anti-competitive agreements causing substantial harm to both business and consumers.

Šarūnas Keserauskas, Council‘s Chairman

The guidelines which were evaluated by more than 50 international antitrust experts and earned the award were distributed to the participants of competition roadshow seminars.

In the category of the Best Soft Law awards were also given to the representatives of the Peruvian, Brazilian, Austrian, Canadian competition authorities.

Last updated: 27 06 2019