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March 20 marked the end of the EU Twinning Project on building the administrative capacities of the Egyptian Competition Authority (ECA). The Lithuanian Competition Council participated in the 2-year-long project together with the German Competition Authority.

With reference to the EU competition law and Lithuanian Competition Council’s best practices, the Council’s experts helped the ECA to prepare relevant draft laws, provided consultations on certain cases and conducted trainings for the ECA staff. It is the second Twinning Project which the Lithuanian Competition Council has implemented together with the partners from Germany. In 2011-2013 the two partners worked together to strengthen administrative capacities of the Armenian Competition Authority.

The Twinning Program funded by the European Commission has been strengthening cooperation among different institutions since 1998. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania coordinates the participation of Lithuania in the program and strongly encourages Lithuanian institutions to contribute to the program and enjoy the benefits of interinstitutional cooperation and experience exchange.

Last updated: 27 04 2017