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This September the Council‘s experts embarked on a mission to teach Vilnius pupils more about fair competition and its benefits brought to business and consumers, which appeared to be something that is self-evident to them.

Having initiated the competition advocacy project “Competition Council goes to school“, the Council‘s experts have already visited 19 gymnasiums and taught 500 pupils about anti-competitive agreements, misleading advertising and monopoly markets.

The Council‘s Deputy Chairman Jūratė Šovienė noted that she was pleasantly surprised to hear that the pupils know about competition and its benefits, and are even able to explain the role that public administrative bodies play in the market.

During the lessons pupils engaged in debates, created ads, analysed real-life examples and situations of anti-competitive conduct, as well as shared their ideas on how they would behave as businessmen to avoid possible competition law infringements.

“The lesson was really interesting. Now I can really say that I know what competition is, what benefits it brings and what the activities of the Council are. I liked how the experts communicated with us – the practical tasks were highly engaging. We even had an opportunity to imagine ourselves as businessmen and discuss how to attract new customers and keep them“, – said one of the pupils after the lesson.

By the end of this school year, the Council‘s experts will visit 20 other gymnasiums and deliver two or three lessons in each of them. In spring the pupils will be invited to participate in a brain battle and check their knowledge on competition not only in theory, but also in practice.

Last updated: 19 12 2017