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04 06 2021

The Lithuanian competition authority‘s Council Member and Deputy Chairwoman Dina Lurje will leave the office on June 15 and will continue her professional career in the private sector.

“It is hard leaving the authority at the time when competition enforcement is more important than ever before, and at the same time more challenging than ever. The years which I spent in Konkurencijos taryba, were full of significant changes, and I am glad to have been part of them and their implementation. I feel happy that the authority will continue its work with a team of dedicated professionals, with whom I had an opportunity to work and grow together, as well as take important decisions“, said D. Lurje.

D. Lurje joined the authority in 2011, she was Head of the Anti-competitive Agreements Investigation Division, from 3 May 2016 she started her role as a Council Member, from 15 July 2019 – as a Deputy Chairwoman. D. Lurje was a guest speaker of many national and international competition events, she also represented the authority in EU-funded projects in Georgia, Ukraine Kosovo, Egypt and other countries.

“During her 10 years of professional career in Konkurencijos taryba, Dina Lurje contributed to a lot of positive changes in different areas of the authority‘s activities: firstly as a cartel officer, later as a leader of a cartel investigation team, and for the last five years as a Council Member supervising cartel investigations, international cooperation and merger control activities. I am grateful to Dina for her energy for positive changes, and even more – for her patience to make those changes happen“, said the Chairman Šarūnas Keserauskas.

From 15 June 2021 the Competition Council will consist of the Chairman Š. Keserauskas and Council Members Elonas Šatas and Medeina Augustinavičienė. From 1 July Karina Kučaidze will join the authority and will take up her duties as a Council Member.

The Law on Competition stipulates that the Chairman and Council Members are appointed by the President of the Republic of Lithuania upon the proposal of the Prime Minister. The Council Members are appointed for the tenure of six years, for not more than two consecutive terms of office.

Last updated: 04 06 2021