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28 04 2011

Experts in law and economics from the United Kingdom and Greece volunteered to share their experience and advice with the Competition Council. With a view to consistently enhancing the efficiency of its activities and having assessed the proposals received from the foreign specialists the Competition Council decided to set up a working group of public advisors.

Advice on issues of general economic and legal nature provided upon a request of the Competition Council by members of the working group of public advisors will become instrumental to the Competition Council both in relation to passing strategic decisions, projecting its future activities and drawing up annual reports. The assistance provided by the experts will be specifically helpful in solving complex issues arising in relation to major legal cases.

Members of the working group of public advisors for the Competition Council:

Dr. Matthew Bennett – Director of Economics at the Office of Fair Trading, United Kingdom;

Dr. Philip Marsden – Senior Research Fellow at the British Institute of International and Comparative Law, Director of the Competition Law Forum, Non-executive Director on the Boards of the Office of Fair Trading, United Kingdom, and the Jersey Competition Regulatory Authority;

Dr. Ioannis Kokkoris – Reader at the University of Reading.

Competition Council Spokesperson