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12 02 2009

The Competition Council examined the four authorisation applications filed by the relevant undertakings and resolved to grant the authorisations to implement the concentration transactions subject to the conditions specified in the resolutions of the Competition Council. The Competition Council duly concluded that not a single concentration intended will create or strengthen the dominant position or significantly restrict competition in the relevant markets.

The authorisation was issued to Klaipėdos energija, AB and Fortum Heat Lietuva, UAB by incorporating a joint venture Fortum Klaipėda, UAB and by acquiring by each company, respectively, 49 and 51 percent of the shares of the newly incorporated venture. The participants of the concentration deal maintained that the incorporation of the joint venture was necessary in order to assess the expediency of construction of a new CHP plant in Klaipėda, develop the technical documentation, conduct a feasibility study and assess the possibilities of attracting funding from the European Union sources.

The relevant resolution of the Competition Council authorised HELIOS GAZ, UAB to implement the concentration deal by acquiring up to 67 percent of the shares of INTERGAS, UAB according to the submitted notification. As noted by the applicant companies the concentration is pursued in order to merge the economic and financial resources of the companies and increase the competitiveness of the companies in the expanding natural gas market.

Also, the authorisation was issued to a Norwegian company MØLLER BALTIKUM AS to implement the concentration deal by acquiring 35 percent of shares of Baltic Auto, UAB. The principal activity of Baltic Auto, UAB is trading in new Volkswagen brand vehicles, spare parts and accessories. The company also renders the vehicle technical maintenance and repair services, as well as car wash. MØLLER BALTIKUM AS primarily developing the management activities will acquire 5 percent of the shares of Baltic Auto, UAB thus increasing the block of shares held in the company up to 35 percent is thus seeking to strengthen its control in Baltic Auto, UAB and optimise the management and control of the company and other related entities.

The Competition Council passed the resolution to authorise the concentration deal by Skinest Rail AS by acquiring up to 65 percent of the shares of Skinest Baltija, UAB according to the notification submitted by the company. The Estonian company Skinest Rail, AS whose principal activity is the wholesale trade in railway rolling stock and the infrastructure objects, by acquiring a sole control of Skinest Baltija, UAB engaged in the same activity expects to be able to purchase the rolling stock and the infrastructure objects from the manufacturers in larger quantities at lower prices and improve the management of the company.

Competition Council Spokesperson
Last updated: 25 06 2016