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25 10 2005

The session of the Competition Council examined the notifications on concentration submitted by undertakings and passed appropriate decisions on the issues discussed.

1. The Competition Council decided to authorise UAB Tamro to implement concentration by acquiring a 100 percent holding of UAB Ramučių vaistinė according to the submitted notification.

Concentration implemented by UAB Tamro has been assessed as vertical and horizontal in the relevant markets for trade in medicines and medical products. It has been established that the degree of concentration in the retail trade in medicines and medical products will be affected by an insignificant degree, and the intended concentration will not result in a creation or strengthening of a dominant position or a significant lessening of competition in the relevant markets concerned.

2. The Competition Council decided to authorise UAB Avestis and JV UAB Sanitex to implement concentration by acquiring, through a jointly incorporated enterprise UAB Avesko, a 100 percent holding in AB Klaipėdos kartonas in accordance with the submitted notification. The Competition Council established that the intended concentration will neither create nor strengthen the dominant position or result in a significant lessening competition in the relevant markets for the production of corrugated cardboard, paper and the relevant raw materials.

Competition Council Spokesperson
Last updated: 21 06 2016