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The consortium consisting of the Lithuanian competition authority, State Consumer Rights Protection Authority and the Austrian Federal Trade Authority has been selected to implement jointly the EU Twinning project in Georgia.

Lithuania and Austria will assist the Georgian Competition Agency (GCA) in the approximation of legislation with the EU acquis, strengthening of competition and consumer protection awareness among private and public stakeholders. Since according to the draft Consumer Protection Law the GCA will be responsible for the supervision of consumer protection, the team of international experts will provide necessary support enabling the GCA to completely fulfil its role as an enforcer of competition and consumer protection law, as well as become a competent and active partner in the wider community of European authorities. 

The starting date of the Twinning project, which will be administered by the Lithuanian Central Project Management Agency, is subject to the adoption of the amendments to the Georgian Competition Law and Consumer Protection Law. From 2016 to 2019 experts from Konkurencijos taryba contributed to drafting the latter amendments as part of activities under the technical assistance project in Georgia.

It will be the second time when the authority will implement the project in the role of the project leader rather than a junior partner. Another EU Twinning project starting this year will be implemented in Ukraine.

Last updated: 03 03 2020