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Konkurencijos taryba was awarded a contract to implement the EU Twinning project in Ukraine. It will be the first time when the authority will implement the project in the role of the project leader rather than a junior partner.

In consortium with Germany and Romania, Lithuania will assist the Antimonomoply Committee of Ukraine in further approximation of local competition law and procedures with EU competition rules, and will transfer the best practices relating to antitrust enforcement, merger control and competition advocacy.

The Lithuania Central Project Management Agency will be responsible for the overall administrative-financial management of the project.

Earlier last year Konkurencijos taryba completed the EU Twinning project in Ukraine, which took place from 2016 to 2019, therefore, is well familiar with the legal and political context of the country and has established amicable and constructive cooperation with the respective beneficiary, which will facilitate the continuation of cooperation.

Since 2011 it will be the seventh EU-funded international development project implemented by Konkurencijos taryba.

Last updated: 26 02 2020