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The Lithuanian competition authority Konkurencijos taryba cleared the acquisition of 100 per cent of UAB Pardavimo automatai shares and sole control by the Latvian company Baltic Coffee Holding.

On 10 September 2018 Konkurencijos taryba received merger notification. Having evaluated the circumstances related to the transaction, the authority acknowledged that the intended merger would not create or strengthen the dominant position, or significantly restrict competition in the relevant markets.

Konkurencijos taryba found that by implementing the transaction Baltic Coffee Holding will increase its market share in Lithuania, however, other undertakings operating in the country and engaged in the sales and lease of beverage machines and the sales of drinks and snacks via the vending machines will bring sufficient competitive pressure to the company.

Both Baltic Coffee Holding and BCH Lithuania, BCH Latvia, BCH Estonia (previously known as Selecta) controlled by Baltic Coffee Holding sell and rent beverage machines for offices, hotels and public catering providers, as well as sell snacks and drinks via the vending machines.

Other undertakings related to Baltic Coffee Holding are involved in different kinds of activities: development of software and hardware for snacks and drinks vending machines; waste management, road construction, construction and planning; call centre services; investment and investment management; digital advertising; trade of laboratory equipment and furniture; coffee roasting and trade; activities of cafes and restaurants, etc.

Pardavimo automatai rent and sell beverage machines, sell snacks and drinks via the vending machines, as well as sell coffee.

The intended merger must be notified to Konkurencijos taryba and clearance must be obtained if the combined aggregate income of merging parties in the business year preceding the merger exceeds EUR 20 million and the aggregate income of each of at least two merging parties in the business year preceding the merger exceeds EUR 2 million.