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27 06 2014

Competition Council (KT) determined that Molėtai and Kaišiadorys district municipalities (Municipalities) improperly organised waste management and, thus, breached Article 4 of the Law on Competition.

Municipalities authorised municipal companies, namely, “Kaišiadorių paslaugos” and “Molėtų švara”, to provide waste management services without competitive procedure and, thus, discriminated against other companies willing to provide waste management in the territories of Molėtai and Kaišiadorys districts.

The KT obligated Municipalities to repeal decisions that restrict competition in three months’ time after the resolution is publicly announced on the KT’s official website.

In 2013 the KT carried out seven investigations into the alleged breaches of competition law observed in the sector of waste management.

Having evaluated the experience gained throughout investigations related to Lithuanian municipalities’ competition-restricting decisions on the services of waste management, in February 2014 the KT started a market study of the waste management sector in Lithuania.

Competition Council Spokesperson
Last updated: 22 06 2016