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05 05 2005

In the course of the investigation conducted thereby the Competition Council inspected 42 companies and enterprises engaged in trade in cash registers and providing the cash register servicing and repair services (among them Sintagma technika, Sanpola, Golsma ir Ko, Tremeks, Vilkta, CompServis, Universalios valdymo sistemos, CompIdea, Vilkasa, Datakom Vilnius, Firma GPX, Pajūrio pirklys, Šiaulių intermaks and others). The purpose of the investigation was to determine whether the actions of some of the companies could have constituted an infringement of Art. 5 of the Law on Competition.

Having analysed in its meeting the findings of the conducted investigation and listened to the explanations of the interested parties the Competition Council passed the decision on the issue considered. The Competition Council, in view of the insufficient evidence, decided to discontinue the investigation of the possible prohibited agreement allegedly concluded by fixing the prices for the sale of cash registers, their repair and technical maintenance.

The Competition Council has hereby noted the presence of significant obstacles for fair competition in the market concerned, in particular, market entry barriers. An undertaking seeking to engage in an economic activity in the market for the sale, technical maintenance and repair of cash registers is obligated to pay the fee for the inclusion of the cash register into the registry, as well as the certification of the company and the specialists. According to the calculations by the companies, the fees in total amount to LTL 8,000. Due to the requirement to obtain a permit from the manufacturer to maintain and repair the products, the market witnessed the formation of networks for the technical maintenance and repair of cash registers of exclusive manufacturers.

On the basis of the conclusions of the investigation the Competition Council is going to propose to the Ministry of Finance to initiate a simplification of the regulation of the market for the cash registers and their technical maintenance and repair, since the current State regulation affects adversely the competition processes in the market concerned. Furthermore, an enhanced transparency and bringing the contractual provisions into line with the requirements of the Law of Competition would facilities the solution of the existing problems and would create preconditions for more efficient competition.

Competition Council Spokesperson