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05 06 2013

For the fourth year in a row the Competition Council (Konkurencijos taryba, KT) was included in the 13th edition of Rating Enforcement, Global Competition Review’s (GCR) annual survey of the world’s leading competition authorities. In line with the previous year the KT was awarded two out of five possible stars. According to the GCR, regardless the fact that the KT’s budget and the number of staff is one of the smallest in the world, the rating of the KT’s activity remains stable and a growth in the authority’s efficiency is observed, advocacy is on the rise as well.

The GCR observes that there is a broad correlation between the size of an agency, its budget and the star rating it receives as the agencies with the most money bring the biggest cases, get the best results and have the most influence on competition enforcement worldwide. Nevertheless, less funded smaller authorities included in the GCR’s rating list are evaluated as being efficient enforcers of the competition law.

Each year when carrying out such evaluation of the world’s competition authorities the GCR refers to the statistical data provided by the authorities themselves and seeks the feedback from the people related to the activity of the competition authorities, i.e. antitrust lawyers, academics and journalists. 37 world’s competition authorities were admitted to be the most efficient enforcers among which the highest rated remained the European Commission’s Directorate General for Competition, the competition authorities of France, Germany, UK and US. The KT in the rating scale was included in one group together with the competition authorities of Belgium, Chile, Denmark, Mexico, Pakistan and Turkey.

The evaluation of the world’s competition authorities carried out by the GCR allows to obtain an objective opinion on an institution’s activity as well as encourages to improve the activity concerned and make it more efficient in the future.


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