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After the final ruling of the Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania, UAB AMIC Lietuva (former UAB Lukoil Baltija) paid a fine of EUR 3,297,700 and EUR 536,339 of interest.

The company was fined after the Council had found that in 2003 AMIC Lietuva signed a joint venture agreement with AB Baltic Petroleum and acquired control over 15 fuel stations. By doing so AMIC Lietuva implemented unnotified merger and thus infringed the Law on Competition.

The Court confirmed that the Council legitimately imposed a fine of almost EUR 3.3 million on the infringer.

In April–June AMIC Lietuva paid the fine and interest – EUR 3 834 040 in total.

The Council notes that the companies may choose to pay the fine after the Council’s decision or, in case of appeal of the decision, after the litigation process has ended. In the latter case, however, the companies must pay both the fine and 6 per cent of annual interest.

This year the companies have already paid EUR 4,503,753 in fines for infringing the Law on Competition.

Last updated: 10 07 2017